About Us


Welcome to Punarved

Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited is a brand that understands life's daily struggles and imbalances and restores balance and quality of life.

Established in 2022, Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited is a Manufacturer & Marketing company for Ayurvedic and Herbal products. Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited brings to you these ancient preserved traditional Indian products backed up with scientific research and proven quality.

Our products are for daily use with 100% efficacy and long-lasting results with no side effects. We stand by our resolution to provide Punarved's customers with products made from ingredients of the highest quality, hand-picked by Punarved's experts from the purest sources, giving you the most effective and authentic experience of Ayurveda.

We have a holistic approach to healing. Ayurveda believes in more than a symptomatic cure. We work tirelessly to only provide you the pure and potent products. All the products that Punarved sends to our customers undergo an extensive quality check.



Our goal at Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited is to build & accelerate skincare, healthcare, cosmetics & nutraceutical products with sincerity, originality & pride catering to our society.



Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited's vision is to regain faith in the oldest Indian traditional medicinal system – ayurveda by backing it up with modern scientific technology and systematic validation.

Why Choose Us



Ayurveda is an ancient science that is one of the oldest systems of medicine. Punarved's products are 100% healthy.


100% Organic

At Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited we are committed to formulating 100% pure cruelty-free and natural organic products.


Best Quality

Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited formulations are prepared by extracting active ingredients from each herb in-house, in Punarved's pharmaceutical laboratory.


Hygienic Product

Pure ayurvedic health products, Punarved Bioceutical Private Limited supplies the highest quality Hygienic Ayurvedic supplements for different skin types.